Lifetime Warranty

Radiant Pools are Guaranteed to Last For Generations!

Never a hassle, never a worry. We have confidence in our pools and you deserve the same confidence in your warranty.

  • Every Radiant Pool comes with a 100% lifetime, fully transferable, non-prorated warranty against manufacturing defects for as long as you own your pool – and beyond!

  • If a Radiant Pool owner should sell their home, the lifetime warranty continues for the new owner.

  • The Metric Series warranty includes protection from winter damage!

Compare our warranty to any other aboveground or semi-inground pool and you’ll find no other manufacturer offers this protection. With every Radiant Pool, you get true value and peace of mind.

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Vinyl Liner Warranty Information

Radiant Pools does not manufacturer swimming pool liners.  Radiant Pools sources vinyl liners through multiple liner manufacturers.  As such, vinyl liners are guaranteed by the manufacturer of your specific swimming pool liner.

Your Radiant Pool Dealer can provide you with warranty information for your specific liner but listed below are guidelines on common practices followed by vinyl liner manufacturers.

·         What is Covered

o   Warranties on vinyl liners are limited to failures resulting from defective workmanship in welding seams and edges.

·         What is Not Covered

o   Warranties on vinyl liners specifically exclude holes, cuts, tears along seams, bleaching, and wrinkles, which develops over time. These conditions are caused by misuse, improper installation, improper addition of chemicals, or poor maintenance of pool water chemical balance.

o   Your liner must be installed according to the directions and properly maintained. 

o   Warranties on vinyl liners do not cover normal fading of color, or microbiological staining. All colored vinyl products, subjected to direct rays of the sun, may fade in time. Such fading, or microbiological staining, does not qualify as a material defect. Staining or fading does not affect the ability of the vinyl to perform its intended function.

o   Warranties on vinyl liners do not cover ice damage.

o   Charges for shipping, removal, installation, and service calls are not covered by warranty.

o   The repair or replacement does not include any labor charges, the cost of replacement chemicals or water, or any other costs.

·         Warranty Service

o   A replacement vinyl liner is provided at no cost to the original pool owner should the seam fail within one year of manufacture. 

o   After the first year, any repair or replacement will incur a prorated cost to the original pool owner should the seam fail. 

o   Limited to the original purchaser only.

·         How to obtain Warranty Service

o   Please contact your Radiant Dealer to file a warranty claim for your vinyl liner.

Beaded Winter Cover Warranty Information

Radiant Pools does not manufacture beaded winter covers.  As such, your winter cover is warrantied by its manufacturer.

Please note that the winter covers are designed to fit a bit large when new, as the vinyl walls will shrink after the first year of use.

Your Radiant Dealer can provide you with the official warranty terms, but below are the general guidelines:

Cover is guaranteed for one year against defects in workmanship.  If the bead is not sewn correctly to the material or if there is a "skipped" sewn area of the cover, it will be replaced under warranty if the claim is made within the first year.

There is no warrany claim if:

-----the seam of the wall to the body of the cover is "ripped or torn" due to loss of water in the pool.

-----there are rips or imperfection on the cover caused by ice damage, fallen branches, holes caused by animals.

-----there is "damage" to the cover caused by the installer pulling or tearing the cover from the coping by use of excessive force.




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