Metric Finishing Options

Wall Pattern Options


Mosaic Pool Liner


Our Mosaic Vinyl Pool Liner is the perfect finishing touch to your Metric Radiant Pool! 

Coping Options

Standard 2” Coping

Radiant Metric pools come with our standard 2”coping 2.jpg coping. Available in both white and grey, this sturdy PVC coping offers an inside track to hold your liner and an outer track to hold your Metric Custom Winter Cover. (Not available on Metric Grecian, Rectangle or Emerald Pools.)

Premium 4” Coping 

Premium_4__CopingRGB.jpgThe Metric Premium coping boasts a wide 4” profile and elegant bullnose exterior-finish double tracks inside the pool. Available in both white and grey, the internal double track accommodates the liner and a Metric Custom Winter Cover. (Not available on Metric Grecian, Rectangle or Emerald Pools.)

Universal Coping

Universal_CopingRGB.jpgThe Metric Rectangle and Emerald utilize this patented coping to add to the structural integrity of the pool while providing a variety of finishing options for aboveground, semi-inground and fully inground pools. Each option includes internal double tracks to accommodate the liner and Metric Custom Winter Cover. (Available on Metric Rectangle and Emerald Pools only.)

5/4 Deck Coping

5-4_Deck_CopingRGB.jpgWith 5/4 Deck coping, you can add a wood or composite deck and have a clean, finished edge for a smooth transition from deck to pool. (Available on Metric Grecian Pools only.)

Radiant Concrete Receptor Coping 

Concrete_Receptor_CopingRGB.jpgRadiant Concrete Receptor coping is used when pouring a concrete deck. The modern-ribbed aluminum surface creates a seamless transition from deck to pool. 

Paver/Cantilever Coping

Paver-Cantilever_CopingRGB.jpgAluminum paver coping is perfect if you want to finish your pool with paver stones on a poured cantilever edge. This finishing option creates a beautiful flush appearance around your entire pool. (Available in both single and double track options.)

Radiant LED Light 

This new LED option has low voltage lights designed for:
●    Energy efficiency 
●    Long lamp life 
●    Easy installation into a standard return fitting 
●    Placement in shallow or deep areas
●    Providing flexibility with light placement

Light Colors: White, Color Array

Trim Ring: Black, Gray, Beige, White