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About the Keystone Pool

So Many Options

Wood Coping

With a required minimum of half the pool wall height below the ground, you can add a full deck and railing system to this amazing pool. The Keystone Series Pool Kit comes with 5/4 wood receptor coping to afford a smooth transition form deck to pool, creating a clean finished edge. Add a walk-in step, and you enjoy the look and feel of an inground pool for a fraction of the price.

Neighborhood Compliance

The Radiant Keystone Series Pool has varied sizes and installation options that allow it to comply with the requirements and restrictions of many homeowner's associations regarding swimming pools.

Shapes and Sizes

The Radiant Keystone Series Pool is available in 42", 48", and 52" wall heights with different shapes and sizes to fit your backyard style. Available options include:

2013 Inground Pool Liner Selection:

All Radiant Pools come with a quality beaded liner in a choice of beautiful and distinct patterns to fit any taste and style. The strength and durability of all our liners are backed by a 15 year limited warranty.

  • Antique Brick Tile
    Riverstone Floor
  • Royal Allure Tile
    Sandstone Floor
  • Midnight Atlantis Tile
    Pebbled Paradise Floor
  • Botanical Garden Tile
    Moonlite Sky Floor
  • Santa Cruz Tile
    Sandstone Floor
  • Chesapeake Tile
    Gemstone Floor
  • Brighton Tile
    Tranquility Floor
  • Princeton Tile
    Gemstone Floor
  • Lancashire Tile
    Bluestone Floor
  • Metro Tile
    Black Granite Floor
  • Tremblant Tile
    Glass Beach Floor
  • Atlanis Dawn Tile
    Blue Paradise Floor
  • Spiral Mosaic Tile
    Oceanbreakers Floor
  • Sapphire Tile
    Majestic Sky
  • Cascade Tile
    Rhapsody Floor
  • Mystic Star Tile
    Serenity Floor
  • Seacrest Star Tile
    Bluestone Floor
  • Crossroads Tile
    Stepping Stones Floor
  • TyeDye Tile/Floor

Incredible Keystone Pool

Half-way in, all decked out.

The Radiant Keystone Semi-Inground Pool is the perfect backyard centerpiece for summer poolside barbecues, or simply soaking up the sun in your favorite lounge chair. This Grecian-shaped pool is installed semi-inground with size and installation options that allow it to comply with the property restrictions and requirements of many homeowner's associations.


For Dig Specifications or Stamped Drawings for any of our pools, please contact our office at 866-697-5870 (or 518-434-4161)

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